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YogTantra is a world-renowned organization that is in practice of Yoga with the ultimate aim to enable its followers to achieve self-development and self-realization.
We promote “Wellness by Design” through a unique multi-disciplinary approach.
Holistic Approach
Balance and Harmony in both body and mind is the underlying philosophy behind this approach to health at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Wellness Approach
This is a designed program created for individuals and groups combining modern technological advances with the wisdom of ancient systems of healing.

The objective of  YogTantra is to provide complete knowledge of Vedic yoga. This program is deliberately designed to share the merits of yoga which will lead to self-development – enabling control of the elements that are affecting our life. With yoga, one can attain self-realization with control of mind & soul.





The team of YogTantra is founded & managed by Dr Rajesh Kumar, Sanyasi Bhargava a world-renowned  corporate Yoga Guru, stress management & Holistic health consultant. He has earned  PhD. in yoga  & Master Degree in “Applied yogic sciences ” from the world accredited “Bihar Yoga Bharati”, the world’s first yoga university, in 2000. Since then, he is wholeheartedly indulged in illuminating the life of millions.




Dr Rajesh kumar , Sanyasi Bhargava is associated with corporate teaching , conducting seminars , motivational courses , in universities, medical colleges , therapy center , academy in Europe , Africa ,& India.

Dr. Rajesh kumar, Sanyasi Bhargava , conducts the course.





These courses are conducted regularly in  Europe, Africa and India.

200 hours, 300 hours & 500 hours.

Dr, Rajesh kumar, Sanyasi Bhargava  has a deep understanding in yogic management of common disease  with the therapeutic approach to yoga.

He has expertise in antioxidant effects of yoga, six therapetic values of yoga and  yoga as a mind & medicine. His focus is on Body mind & their healing values.

Inspired by the preaching of his master & mentor Guru Paramhamsa Niranjananda Saraswati, Yoga guru Dr Rajesh Kumar, sanyasi Bhargava working as A stress management & Holistic health consultant motivator & mentor. He is conducting classes to spread the awareness on the advantages of Yoga and using his profound knowledge to bring happiness in the life of millions.



Dr Rajesh kumar , Sanyasi Bhargava

Email:  yogtantra1970@gmail.com


whatsapp: +91 – 982 077 92 16

“A tantric needs to perform Halasana regularly for mastery in sexual ecstasy.”


Guru Rajeshji

International Course Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher – is an intensive, modern and practical program prepares you to work as a certified yoga therapist and independent of teaching yoga as a certified yoga teacher (Certified Yoga Teacher CYT). Our School is Registered with Yoga Alliance.


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