Sex and spiritual consciousness. Dr.Rajesh kumar (sanyasi Bhargava )



Its very sad part of our normal stereotype of upbringing in society.
sex was the door of opening the heart, head and hand, means feeling, consciousness and action for freedom.
instead of this experience, we understand sex completely a monotonous based on pleasure seeking and perception of sensory stimulation only. when sex performed on the basis of sensory dimension then sex will give you pain, closeness, trauma, suffering, guilt, conflict arising complexes, nervousness,
anxiety all negativity. Never your soul journey will be complete because sex performed by mechanical way so-called stereotype.
sex with awakening mind means surrender, honour respect, care completeness, joy then your sex life started.
this type of sex will lead you freedom, enjoying in all dimension, that’s the state called Shiva consciousness in Tantra. means a higher divine state of force is awaken in subtle dimension which guides your head , heart and hand  gives  completeness  with each other the beginning of new horizon starts with purity way
rather perverted way , if you are performing sex on the level of perverted mind then you are mentally sick , don’t proclaimed yourself tantric ,in spiritual sex life, hope everybody understand …
Now these days tantric sex is on a full ride, especially in the west. at least in India tantric sex is secret, but in the west on the name of tantric sex  everybody has opened an enlightened centre here and there  online shop,,,, very sad,,
Tantric sex begins with purity of mind, an openness of heart with  the knowledge of awakening nadis and the knowledge of plannet , bcoz  the theory of tantric sex is based on fusion and fission principle,
based on polarity principle and relationship with microcosmos and macrocosmos theory.
Don’t think performing sex  in candlelight is the tantra, now in west has one trend tantra massage , these all are stupidity on the name of tantra . just you promoting brothel system ,,,,,,,
tantra practice needs soulmate not partner
means only mechenical bonding  , may ne your connectivity will be based on body, mind  and emotion  level  but not sustainable for long time. so thats why Divorce is high rate.
soulmate gives the defination of copleteness , oneness , union , integrated theory of life ,
better find a soul mate rather then to find a husband and partner I called  stereotype theory if you looking partner /husband,
soulmates gives you the knowledge of sex to super consciousness.
you are in divinity space that is the time you are experiencing the knowledge of bliss , vibration, supreme love , grace and divine presence in your each and every cells of your body , called shiva dance
meand supreme reality and bliss within you and around  you…..
next lectures..
(guruRajeshji lecture series  on sex and spiritual consciousness part -1, Zloty most , krakow , poland ..
next series we will publish later…)

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