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Goa, India 10 th December 2018 – 10 th January 2019


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This International Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Course is an intensive, modern and practical program which prepares you to work as a certified Yoga Teacher specialized in Yoga Therapy. The course is divided in two parts: 200 hours yoga teacher training + 100 hours of Yoga Therapy.

After successful completion of the course you will obtaining an Internationally recognize certification of Yoga Alliance.

This certification will be issued by Yogtantra School of Yoga Studies (Registered as Yoga Sadhana Seva Trust – India. Registration Number 27571 E-Mumbai)



For those who are yoga teachers already, there is the opportunity to join the course of module VIII (+100 hours) to specialize in Yoga therapy.

During 200+100 hours course you will learn, experience and understand: 

– The operation of the basic tools of yoga and its therapeutic properties:
Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandha, Satkarma, yoga nidra and meditation
– The impact of the practice of yoga on body and mind
– The yogic concept of healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle
– The different methods of detoxification
– The yogic anatomy and physiology, and linking it with western medicine
– The basic principles of therapeutic work with clients, building a therapeutic relationship, listening skills and understanding
of symptoms, history taking and medical history
– How to create individual, customized therapeutic programs
– The holistic therapeutic programs in support of the treatment of psychosomatic diseases (min hypertension, asthma,
diabetes, etc.) and treatment for yoga spinal diseases and arthritis 
– The holistic therapeutic program used in depression and syndromes of anxiety
– The the holistic therapeutic program in menstrual disorders
– The holistic therapeutic program supporting infertility treatment
– The holistic program for pregnant and post-natal care
– The holistic therapeutic program for menopausal women and
– Gain practical knowledge and skills in working with a group of teaching yoga classes to create programs like.

We provide supervision, mentoring and support throughout the course to help you apply the knowledge gained in working
with clients. After completing the course, there is the possibility of cooperation in the study of yoga therapy.


Module I

I. What is yoga?

• Definition yoga
• historical and cultural roots Yoga
• Main path of yoga (Bhakti Jnana, Karma, Raja)
• Patanjali Yoga Sutra (selected portions). 8 branches of yoga and their importance in the modern world
• Yoga as a science of direct experience.
• the application of science in the modern world of yoga (Yoga applied science)
• Yoga in the world today
• Yoga and modern science

II. Yoga techniques and tools – Training and Practice

1. Initial practice of Hatha yoga

• Shatkarma – 6 classic exercise purification: Trataka, Neti Kapalabhati, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti
• shankhaprakshalana – treatment of the digestive tract
• Other methods of detoxification of the body

2. Science and Practice of yoga postures (Asanas)

a. Psychophysical effects of asana practice.
b. Preparation and practice of asanas

Basic yoga postures:

• Pawanmuktasana – releasing energy flow exercises
• relaxation Positions
• Positions meditation
• Vajrasana – kneeling positions
• Positions facing
• Welcome the sun and moon

Intermediate yoga positions:

• slopes backwards
• forwards slopes
• Positions with a twist
• reversed positions
• Positions with balance

c. Benefits and therapeutic use of yoga position.
d. Contraindications
e. The art of building sequence of postures during classes
f. Special programs asanas: min for beginners in coping with stress, yoga for kids

3. Pranayama

1) The difference between training and breathing pranayama
2) Antioxidant effect Pranayama.
3) Pranayama and mind – the transformation of consciousness.
4) Preparation Pranayama.
5)Science and Practice: abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic, full yogic breathing, pranayama: 6 types of pranayama Indian system of pranayama, Nadi Shodhana
a sheet Pranayama, Pranayama Sheetkari
of Pranayama Bhramari
of Ujjayi Pranayama
about Pranayama Bhastrika
of Pranayama Kapalbhati
of pranayama Morcha

4. Mudra – theory and practice

5. Bandha – theory and practice: Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandara bandha, Maha Bandha

6. Yoga Nidra – Practice deep relaxation.

a. The role of relaxation in everyday life, the development of intuition, creativity, and maintain full health of the body-mind.
b. Yoga Nidra as adjuvant therapy treatment of psychosomatic disorders.

7. Meditation – Praktyki

a. The road to meditation: quieting the mind, the development of concentration, body awareness and mindfulness – mindfulness
b. The impact of meditation on the brain, mind and body .Naukowe meditation study
c. Overview of yogic meditation techniques: Antar Mouna – internal silence, Japa yoga, japa Ajapa, Prana Vidya, Trataka, Jnana yoga meditation

8. The healing power of sound

a. The role of sound and vibration in the philosophy of yoga.
b. Mantra, Kirtan, Nada Yoga – meditation with sound.

Module II

Structures and Functions

a. Human Anatomy and Physiology
b. Physiology within the meaning of yoga
• chakra and energy channels
• chakras and their relationship with modern science
• kundalini and chakras
• 5 elements theory
• 5 layers

Module III

Mind and Brain

a. The concepts of the mind and personality in science
b. The mind within the meaning of yoga
c. Yoga and psychology

Module IV

Diet and lifestyle

Module V

Learning methodology

a. The art of learning
b. Quality, ethics, posture yoga teacher
c. Safety
d. Administration of instruction, demonstration, practice sequences

Module VI and VII

The practice gained skills under the guidance of a teacher

module VIII

II.Health and healing within the meaning of yoga

Asana, pranayama, mudras, bandha, and practice of meditation and mindfulness in the treatment of yoga
Benefits and effects of yoga therapy Yoga Nidra
Body as an energy system and its impact on the internal organs

II.Yoga And Medicine

And III. Diagnosis Therapy Part 1

– Building the therapeutic relationship, gathering intelligence listening skills, medical history – practice

– Science research and understanding of the symptoms on the physical, emotional and energetic
-Training careful listening and opening the client on his own healing resources
-Therapeutic sequences balancing the subtle body, prana and chakras
-Learning to create therapeutic programs for the treatment of supporting the most common diseases:

– Cardiovascular
– Respiratory
– Digestive
– Urinary system
– Nervous system

• Pain

Module IX

Mental health therapy and yoga – A holistic approach

Yoga therapy in depression and prevention of relapse of depression – program of therapy in anxiety disorders yoga
therapy yoga in the management of the program stresses- holistic therapy and yoga therapy and trauma.

Module X

Yoga therapy in diseases of the spine and joints

Module XI

Yoga therapy HEALTH PROGRAMES for women

Pregnancy and postnatal care
Menstrual disturbances
Infertility – the holistic program supporting , infertility

Module XII

Practice yoga therapist in supervision (10 h, supervision of individual)

Review papers on yoga therapy

Module XIII

The seminar ended. Obtaining a certificate, Graduation Ceremony


* All materials required during the course are provided.

* For Yoga teachers the opportunity to join the module VIII plus supervision therapy



This course requires no previous experience in the field of yoga.

It is suitable for anyone with interest on Yoga and Health


who will be YOUR LEAD Teachers?

Sri Guru Rajeshji,  Dr.Rajesh Kumar

( sanyasi Bhargava)

Msc. Ph.D. in yoga

Teaching ancient system of yoga, the science of yoga, the wisdom of yoga with the modern, practical and therapeutic approach. A  spiritual speaker, Corporate yoga guru, Stress management &Holistic  health consultant.
Teaching & imparting the wisdom of yoga in Europe, Africa, Australia & India.
Bhargava Sanyasi spiritual name – the master of yoga and tantra, kundalini yoga, Kriya Yoga, Chakra awakening. a qualified yoga therapist, stress management & Holistic health. MSc in Applied Yogic Science in Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger the world’s first yoga university. Awarded Ph.D. degree in yoga.

Dr. Irena Nowak

Psychiatrist Psychotherapist, Psychologist  & Psychodrama expert

specialist in psychiatry certified psychotherapist Scientific Section of Polish Psychiatric Association Psychotherapy (certificate No. 310), yoga therapist: she also completed analytical psychology course run by the International Association for Analytical Psychology and second-degree training.


We are conducting Yoga sessions for the Spritual Awakening like Kundalini Yoga practice, Pranvidya, Kriya Yoga and the other ancient system of practices.


We also conduct Yoga Teachers Traning Programs in all over the world.

Some of our training program include:


Harmonizing internal beauty with Body, Mind & Soul

Diet and lifestyle for Health & Beauty

Sculpturing the body with Asana & Pranayama





These programs will help the CORPORATE world on the path of spiritualism in their everyday lives in order to combine action with perfection.

In our modern technological world, hazards abound among us. Tackling the audio visual health hazards among our IT generation requires a new form of Occupational Health, one where an understanding of these ancient yogic tools can be of great help in dealing with these modern hazards effectively.