We are conducting yoga session for the spritual awakening like, Kundalini Yoga practice, Pranvidya, Kriya Yoga and the other ancient system of practices. We also conduct Yoga Teachers Traning Programs in all over the world.

Some of our training program includes:

  •  Diet and lifestyle for health & beauty
  •  Sculpturing the body with asana and pranayama
  •  Harmonizing internal beauty with body, mind & soul
These programmes will help the CORPORATE world on the path of spiritualizam in their everyday lives in order to combine action with perfection.

In our modern technological world, haxards abound among us. Tackling the audio visual health hazards among our IT generation requires a new form of Occupational Health, one where an understanding of these ancient yogic tools can be of greate health in dealing with these modern hazards effectively.

Shibir at Kamala Nehru Park, Mumbai (25th September – 29th September, 2008)

The dawn of 25th September, 2008 witnessed a physical and spiritual enlightenment for people residing in and around Malabar Hill and south Mumbai. A Yoga Shibir of five dayswas organized by Shaina NC and Nana Chudasma’s- “I Love Mumbai” and Giants’ “Malabar Hill Residence Association” along with Mahindra & Mahindra and DNA. Aacharya Rajeshji along with Gitaji conducted the Shibir at Kamala Nehru Park in an open air Amphitheatre amidst nature. The yoga program consisted of various Asanas (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) which included powerful Kundalini breathing practices along with relaxation and meditation programs. People came in large numbers to make the program a big success.